What Type of Windows Is Best for Your Home? From Double Hung to Casement Windows, We Have It All!

What Type of Windows Is Best for Your Home? From Double Hung to Casement Windows, We Have It All!

Window replacement technology has made great advances in the last few years Wherever you are installing traditional double hung windows or picture windows, you can rest assured that your new windows are manufactured to the utmost standards in today’s market.

Replacement windows are a great way to improve the overall look of your home as well as reduce your home energy costs. Single or double hung windows, casement windows, awning windows and double and single slider windows provide outstanding ventilation as well.

Following are descriptions of the various types of replacement windows, from double hung windows to double slider windows and everything in between.

Single and Double Hung Windows

Single and double hung windows are the standard style of windows used in conventional homes. A single hung window only opens vertically from one window, whereas a double hung window opens either way. They are ideal for small opening and require little to no maintenance. Hung windows are a good choice for those who like fresh air and sunlight.

Single and Double Hung Slider Windows

Unlike their  hung window counterparts, slider windows open horizontally. Single slider windows open from one side only while double sliding windows open either way. They are easy to clean and maintain and again are a great choice for those rooms that need a good amount of sunlight and ventilation.

Casement Windows
Casement windows are designed with a hinge that allows them to swing open like a door. They open and close easily with a turn of a crank and are ideal for those who enjoy the feel of an outside breeze. They work well in room such as bedrooms and living rooms and are easy to upkeep.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top as opposed to the side and are ideal for pairing with windows such as picture windows. They are great for tight spaces such as above sinks, doors or counters. Like the aforementioned types of windows, they are great for ventilation purposes.

Bay and Bow Windows
Generally installed in the front of a home as they are aesthetically pleasing, bay and bow windows extend outward. They are ideal if you wish to make a space in a room look larger than it actually is. Bow windows are generally fixed, thus they do not open, while bay windows can either be fixed or not.

Picture Windows

Similar to bow and bay windows, picture windows are used to open up a room to make it appear larger. As well, they are fixed, so they are not operational. However, they are a great way to open up a room with natural light and bring the outdoors inside.

Custom Designed Windows
If you so choose, you can opt for windows such as arched or round windows. You can even have them custom designed to meet your own aesthetic needs. As well, they can be equipped with decorative glass features such as frosted or tinted glass, as well as stained-glass.

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