Save on Your Heating Bill with Exterior Doors Toronto

Save on Your Heating Bill with Exterior Doors Toronto


Did you know that the largest percentage of energy usage in a typical Canadian home comes from the cost of heating? (around 60{d7a98e54bc687566bd78c43078e40616f08210cb3e197f349aee2914d6fce641} according to Statistics Canada). When winter seems to last forever, that cost really adds up.

There are many ways to decrease your heating costs. Changing the type of fuel, you use to heat your home may lower your costs. Or you could lower the temperature in your home. But replacing your exterior doors Toronto is one of the best ways for you to reduce your heating bill.

Old, worn doors are a major point of heat loss in your home. Replacing them with new, energy efficient exterior doors will minimize heat loss and keep that warmth where it belongs. Inside your home.

The savings from energy efficient exterior doors Toronto can amount to big savings in the long run. Plus, you get to enjoy fewer drafts from that cold outside air. There are upfront costs to replacing your drafty doors with new, efficient doors. But spending money now to save on heating costs is a good investment. Those drafty doors will continue to be drafty and may get worse. Plus, new exterior doors increase the value of your home.

Materials for Exterior Doors

When shopping for exterior doors Toronto, you will see doors made of vinyl, wood or metal. For energy efficiency, vinyl is the best material available on market today. Vinyl exterior doors provide the right amount strong steel to keep your home safe. Plus, vinyl has the lowest maintenance requirements of all three materials.

Because the look of your exterior doors matter, vinyl can be made to look like just about any material. If your home has a craftsman look, you want your doors to match that same look. Vinyl is so versatile, it comes in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures. For exterior doors that look great, vinyl is the top choice.

Have you ever thought about the insulation in your exterior doors? Many homeowners think about insulating their walls and attics. But it’s easy to forget about the heat-saving insulation in your exterior doors.  Those exterior doors Toronto have insulating features that keep the cold from seeping in. Older doors don’t have the insulating technology that new exterior doors have. Your old doors may have leaks in the frame that’s letting cold air in.

Feel confident in your new exterior doors purchase and installation. Keep the cold from leaking in and driving up your heating bill. Proper installation of your new energy efficient exterior doors by Windowtech ensures that your new doors are tightly sealed. They have a large selection of energy efficient exterior doors in many of styles and materials. Energy efficient exterior doors are a great investment that helps cut your heating costs. Contact Windowtech  today.



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